MS8607 temp, humidity and pressure sensor having issues

Hi CE commnunity,

I have the MS8607 temperature, humidity and pressure sensor,  also I have the  CE Screw Terminal Breakout Board for Particle Photon With Power Supply, I am using the MS8607 sample code  posted here on the CE web site with some minor modification.  After some minutes, the sensor goes banana. It shows all kind of senseless numbers.  One peace of data that remains OK is the humidity, the temp and pressure are all wrong.  

Any idea?

Thank you,




Hi Alex,

So the code seems to run ok for a while giving accurate temperature, humidity, and pressure readings but then the readings become inaccurate?  Any idea how long it runs before this happnes(minutes, hours, days, etc)?



Thank you, Travis, for your reply. The code runs may be an hour or less. I checked everything, power supply, pull-up resistor jumper, etc., still I keep getting the same result. I also have the CE SHT25 , this one runs solid. 






I will try to setup a test here at my desk this afternoon to see what I can find out.